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do shrimp lose their color for any reason?

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Since I am still so new, I try to google, you tube before I ask but there comes a point so...


I have 4 blue velvet and 2 yellow sakuras in a heavily planted 20h tank with minnows, an otto and a clown pleco. The tank is very planted, meaning there are a lot of hiding places. Due to a recent hydra infestation, my shrimp had went into hiding and I was starting to wonder if they had died.


After dosing, the little ones are coming back out (hurray!)


Hard to tell how many, but I noticed the blues are... not as blue as they were. The yellow is still bright but the blues I have seen (two so far at the same time) are very, very light colored. Then I noticed they seem smaller than the yellow. They are active, swimming all over and seem happy but just very dull in color.


I know very little (next to nothing) about molting. Do they lose color when they molt? Is there a reason the color would fade only on the blues? 

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give them time to recover... i had some blues where they were almost white like snowballs when i picked them up from shipment... after a few hours in the tank their color returned... i noticed too sometimes that shrimps lose some of their color when stressed or under bacterial infections... but from the looks of things... give it some time... im confident that your shrimp will color back up again :)

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