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best canister for UGF

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So what would be the best canister to run on a 25g cube hooked to a UGF that will have TBs and pintos. Never have used or owned a canister filter before. Something easy to prime and something I wont have to mess with much. What would be some good options. no price limit.


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2215 would be my choice, you might have to choke it back a little. I have a 2217 on a 32 gallon and I made all the holes in the spray bar wider and I still have to choke it back or my substrate will get blown around. I might actually cut half the blades off of the impeller to reduce the flow.

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Either the 2213 or 2215 would work well, depends on the head height i.e. the vertical distance the filter has to pump up to the tank.  I used both along with the Ecco 2236 and Pro3 2071 in all in my UG + canister setups.  


I have a couple of 20g long on a rack, the space between each shelf is around 18".  Both of them used the exact same setup; same substrate with DIY UG pipe hooked up to 2213's. They been running for around on year with their current configuration. The 2213's were located on the bottom shelf while the 20g long we located on the next two shelves above them.  The one on the lower level has plenty of flow when it first was set up; I had  to set to around 60% output at first but it slowed down a bit over time so now it is at 100%. The second 20g long on the top level had decent flow when i first set them up but now I would say it is okay but not great. 


On the first tank the head height is no more than 16" or so; top of canister filter (where the pump is) is located around 4" below the bottom of the tank. while on the second tank the head height is around ~34".


I would say the 2215 would be better suited for the second tank, however in my particular case it wouldn't have physically fitted on the bottom rack so i had no choice but to go with the 2213's.


In general, I find the 2215 are the most versatile and best value.  Here in Canada, they are only around $10-15 more than the 2213 and the extra power comes in handy as the filter slows down over time, plus the extra power can be used in a wide range of applications from using prefilters, using couple of them inline, blasting it at full power to clean out the pipes etc;


In a previous setup I had two inline 2215's plus a prefilter (with only one of the 2215 plugged in) and I never had an issue with flow, in fact I only had it at around 60%.  

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