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WTB: Snails... conteplating which type


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Been a long time since I posted. Hello to all that were here then and hi to the newer members.

Anyways my blue legged posa shrimp and cherry tank is doing well. My colony of cherries sprung up like crazy and I went from 8 ish to too many to count and always seem to have one berried.

My blue legged posa shrimp o think are finally turning around and am on my second berry. Hopefully I'll get back to a positive number soon.

Anyways... it took months, but I am just now starting to get a bit of algea and want to try my hand at a few snails. Not sure on type yet, I have tried nerite and have failed 3 times. But price might be an issue, my current project is taking my fun funds at the time. I could probably trade some cherries (I'm bad at grading I am sorry). Pm or post if you think you could help.


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I had nerites for about 8 months, and they definitely ate the most diatoms of the snails I've kept. I did very little cleaning of the glass while they were around, but they passed away one by one over the months with no discernable cause. I have ramshorns and pond snails at the moment - they are low maintenance and reproduce readily in aquaria (some say too readily), but they don't make a significant dent in the algae that I have (which is basically everything but BBA).

If you decide that you want any, I could ship a handful at cost.

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