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Putting the cart before the horse... or the shrimp before the tank :(

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I know, it's the worst scenario (well close to it). I was browsing aquabid and fell in love with some snowball neos. I had never bid before (Avid ebayer but not aquabid) but I watched that bid for days and kept going back to that one. I finally bid and... then looked around my apartment wanting to smack myself in the forehead. I already have 4 tanks... what was I thinking? Then I went through the mix of hoping I would win and wishing someone would outbid me. lol


Tonight I won. 12 snowball neos.


Then the real panic set in. Worst case scenario I knew I could put them in my 20 gallon with my blue and yellows... but now that I know all neos can interbreed, that isn't what I wanted... but I could if it came down to it.


Then I noticed another tank in the corner (something none fish/shrimp people just don't understand, ha ha).


So... my betta is going in the other tank (I keep extra cycled sponges and stuff and bettas are hardy enough)


The 12 snowballs will be going into the 10 gallon. Now to lower the temp, redo the plants... 


what was I thinking? lol (But I am excited) 


Please tell me I am not the only one to succumb to this .... :)  (And any acclimation, new shrimp tips are VERY welcome!)

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Well I just did the paypal transaction, the 10 gallon is as ready as it can be. The sponge filter should be here before the shrimp, luckily. 


I used half 'used' substrate (already in the tank I am using) I also used the same driftwood and put a sponge in there from the previous HOB filter (gently rinsed in tank water and literally just sitting of the bottom on the tank with a few rock holding it down). 


Do you think that will be good enough? I keep hearing about shrimp dying from 'new tank syndrome' and I really want to do this right.


I hope it's ok to post the pic from aquabid now that I have bought them?? (violating rights??) If not, please let me know and I will take it down. But I am getting 12 of these 'snowballs'. I think they are a color variation of a neo??



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