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Quiet Pump and Sponge


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Looking to setup small 3 g tank in my sons room. I think a sponge filter will work great in this tank. Whatever I get it needs to be quiet, bc he is a really light sleeper.

So looking for pump and sponge recommendations for small footprint.

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They definitely make a bubbling noise it also depends on the tank. If it has a top and it covers the whole tank securely the noise of the bubbling is pretty quiet. If it's an open top tank it's more noticeable. I find the bubbling very soothing.

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I use the Marina I25 filter in some of my smaller tanks including my shrimp tanks, it hangs inside the tank and doesn't need a pump, plugs directly into electrical socket.  You can change out the cartridges as they get dirty (pack of 3 is approx. $7) Filter runs approx. $14 at Petsmart/Petco and some other places.  I put a piece of stocking over the intake to keep shrimps/baby fish from getting sucked in.  No noise whatsoever.

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