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anyone else have problems with Fluval Ebi tank?


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I recently won a Fluval Ebi tank at an auction, so was thrilled that I had a nice compact setup.

Yesterday the stupid Styrofoam rock background just pops up on its own and knocks my light

off the top....good job I had the glass cover on, or the light would have been in the tank.


Now I can't get this stupid piece back in the tank without having to glue it and I don't want to do

that.  Just wondered if this is a flaw with these tanks and why Fluval isn't making them anymore.


Anyone else have this happen and what did you do with the light to keep it fixed on the rim?


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I read tons of reviews about that tank and that was a common problem.  Many people had their lights broken when it launched itself out of the tank.  It was a genius desing to use super buoyant foam under water with crappy glue to hold it in place.

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I have a few of these tanks, the first thing I do after taking them out of the boxes is to remove the styrofoam background. You can place it behind the tank (outside, in the back), it will still look good.


A lot ppl ended up worse than you, the styrofoam can pop up with such force to break the glass top and the light.

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