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1 of six new tank setups coming. Mr Aqua 60p with control soil


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So I finally got one of my newer mr Aqua 60p up and going with control soil. I did a pen plax undergravel filter adapted to a Eheim 2213 with a 2215 impeller. Also used the air stone other side to use as a air stone in the tube. I am using mk breed products to set this tank up with. So I used silver powder and golden powder with boss old sea mud mineral powder. first put down Eheim small filter media under the pen plax plate sprinkled a little silver and golden on it put the plates down. On top of the plates I put seachem matrix filter media on the plates. Sprinkled more silver powder and golden. Then I put a 1.5 of substarte down, then sprinkled the rest of the silver powder and golden powder and added the boss old sea mud plus minerals. I then added another 1.5" of substrate. I am using a finnex Ray 2 will be switching it out to a planted plus soon. Also added a large sponge filter in the middle and a large borneo wild mineral rock. I am running a aquatop ap100 adjustable airpump. It is powering the sponge and the airstone side of the ugf.

I have noticed that this is a little lighter in color compared to amazonia, also a little bigger compared to the normal amazonia.

I will be adding a small pink flamingo crypt and a special crypt I have not gotten, but it is from han, and will be looking for a enchinodoras opacus verde or satan for it. Will add a small piece of wood with fissidens on it. And that will be it. Keeping it simple.

Pictures coming tomorrow

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