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ADA Malaya and Taiwanbee issues ?!

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Hi guys

I've just setup my new 17G tank with 6L of ADA Malaya and it has been running for more than 5 weeks ! In spite of adding a lot of Bacteria Powder but the amonia level still be 0.25ppm (waiting to see if it can finish the cycle and get 0ppm this weekend) . One big problem ,the PH level is too low . Just 4.8-4.9 ! Im worried about putting my taiwanbee shrimp in because of the low PH

Has anyone here experienced keeping taiwanbee in low ph under 5 ? Will the shrimps be okays ?  Any advices ? 

Thanks in advanced

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The PH shouldn't be an issue people have kept and breed tibee at 4.8 to 5.0, ADA Malaya and Africana are known to buffer lower than Amazonia a few people mix ADA Aquasoils to achieve lower PH water parameters. The lower the PH the longer it take's for bacteria and bio film to form, I have heard upwards of 3 month cycles when dipping in to the low 5's. If you want raise the ph you can use sodium bicarbonate or crushed coral. I would suggest a bio film product like bacter AE to help bio film growth, I would give your tank another 3 week's to cycle. I know it's hard to wait but, you will have an ideal environment if you just give it a bit longer.

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