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Trimming Java Moss


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Hi Guys - I have a ten gallon shrimp tank with CRS, Golden Bees & Red Rili - and also beautiful java moss and fissidens.  The mosses (and the shrimp) are doing fabulous - green and lushious.  But I really need to trim the Java moss before it takes over my Hamburg Mattenfilter.  Anyone know the best way to trim the java to minimize the mess with the trimming?



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I've watched youtube videos of people using one hand to trim and the other holding the siphon at the same spot to instantly suck up the trimmings. I am not sure I'm that coordinated and worry about the amount of water that would be siphoned, but I am wondering the same thing as my java moss will soon need a trimming too 

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Don't use scissors. You would end up having the moss all over your tank. Especially if your tank is heavily planted it can be hard to remove. Ripping the moss out with your hands and then put it on some paper towel works for me.

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