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Cloudy Water Resolution & UV Sterilizers

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Hi guys -


So I was having a serious issue with cloudy water in my 10 gallon a couple of weeks ago.  Started after I trimmed out a bunch of java moss from one of my pieces of driftwood. And then I found an assassin snail that I have not seen in at least a month.  He was alive - but really looked awful.  I removed him and set on a course of clearing this tank.

I left if alone for a week.  Really no improvement.  After a week I changed out 10% (1 gallon) and aimed for syphoning out in the middle of the tank where the bacteria bloom seemed the worse.


Then I purchase a UV Sterilizer


The first one I tried is actually a water clarifier - a SunSun 5 watt compact submersible.  This thing took up 1/4 of the tank. After being in the tank for 3 days - I did notice an improvement - but not much of one.


I did not want to try another water change so soon so I sent away for another UV Sterilizer from Amazon.  This one is a Deep Blue Professional 9 watt UV Sterilizer

Much more compact than the SunSun (that one is huge).  Within 2 days time - tremendous improvement.


I removed the Deep Blue one today to give it a rest.  I will wait another week and see if it is completely resolved - if not I will add back the Deep Blue again.


I just wanted to document my experience with the UV sterilizers for any of you who may wonder about what they do and if they do offer some help.

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No,ammonia was tested daily as well as tds, ph, nitrite and nitrate - tds, 150, ph 7.2 (I know a little high, but I use black sand - not soil) and the other 3 were 0.


Scratched my head a lot - and finally just tried the 10% wc and the UV

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I talked Stephen at Swiss Tropicals about using the UV Sterilizer for the bugs in our tanks.  From the scientists point of view, UV Sterilizer will take out the little buggars also.  I'm going to leave the Deep Blue 9 watt in longer and see if it actually deciminates those little bugs.  I really like this brand of UV Sterilizer - no noise whatsoever.  I thought it wasn't working at first. Very small compact design. And the water flow is low - does not bother the shrimp or plants.

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