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I am a nerite serial killer :(


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I don't know what it is about the snowball tank but I have successfully, and sadly, killed off 5 horned nerites and 3 regular zebra nerites in the span of 2 months. what they hey??


I have zebra/tiger nerites in with my bettas and everything is fine and has been for a year. Do nerites need higher temps? My snowball tank is 72, betta tanks are 78


I seem to have NO problem growing pond snails that magically appear, but the one nerite that I posted in the funny (inside the sponge filter) is belly up tonight.


There is plenty of algae for them to munch on, it's the same water, same water conditioner as I put with my bettas. Literally the only difference is the temp and.. of course the critters in there (betta vs shrimp)



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ph is 7.6 in all tanks, confirmed with API test. I learned (early on) with my bettas that a nerite going above the water line meant I had waited too long and needed to do a water change. These ones aren't going up. I found 2 of the horned nerites dead on top of the sponge filters, the rest were scattered randomly on the bottom. The tanks even have the same substrate. 


The snowballs have the dual sponge filter and the bettas have very small filters with very low current. 


Completely at a loss as to why. The horned ones I bought offline, but the tigers I got at LFS. The tiger nerites in the betta tanks also came from LFS.

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I have been thinking this over, and I don't think we actually know that much about nerites. Every species is going to have different nuances to their preferred environment, and it's entirely possible that the horned ones prefer warmer temperature. Or perhaps something is lacking in their diet that we aren't aware of. Or maybe it is nothing and you were unlucky to get an old or weak group.

You're not a murderer, though. That requires premeditation and intent. You tried, and that is more than most people would do. Don't lose sight of that!

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