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Blue Pearl w/ different colour?


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I have brought 15 blue pearl yesterday, and after dripping process i started to put into my tank. Yesterday their color was all the same, with light blue transparant (common blue pearl coloring right?) and I started nociting today some of their color are turned Yellow'is blue and quite darker)


Is that OK or something is happening, sick or what?. anyone have same experience before ?


Left is the blue light, right is the yelow'is blue darker


The blue light



The yellow'is blue darker




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With BP, one of teh only things to be concerned about is if you see their middle start turning paper white.  Other than that, relax and enjoy your shrimp. :)


Eh, why they turning into that state? is it because of they're sick or just dying with no cause?.. hope that issue doesnt come into my shrimp, but when it happen what should I do ? :(

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That's a bacterial infection then.  White is the decaying tissue from within.  Nothing to worry about unless your colony gets it, and hopefully it never will.  However. IF your colony ever gets it, we'll all help at that point. That's what friends on the forum are for.  ;)

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