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picked up some more blue galaxy tigers today.


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Did an unexpected shrimp run today and picked up 2 more male crystal white bees (younger ones to help jump start the program)  and got 7 more galaxy tigers, and these ones are very blue....hard to tell

them from OEBTs except for the spots and orange on the tails.


Will try to grab a pic of them tomorrow when they are more settled.


Also got 2 x blue dwarf cambarellus dimitus crays, but I think they may both be females....darn

I wanted to breed them. 

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I picked my Galaxy tigers up from Shrimpfever. I got the last of them.


Sorry about the pics being so big...I was trying to get them here, and forgot to downsize them.

You can see how much they resemble the OEBTs...except for the leopard spotting they could

very well be the same shrimp, minus the orange eyes.


Im going to do an experiment with a female oebt and a male blue galaxy in a breeder box to see

what might happen.



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Yes they are, they do tend to change colors too, so not sure what that is all about.  They love to hang out on the sponge filter at the front of the tank and are not bothered at all by me staring at them through a magnifying glass LOL.


Ive come to the conclusion they are definitely filter feeding shrimp as they don't eat anything else including catappa leaves.

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