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A bunch of shrimp, and shrimp supplies from shrimp nature available. Please message me with an questions you may have,  and check out buypetshrimp.com to order, thanks Erik






10 OEBT BLUES $64.99
















Complete Foods


Green 30g $13.99: Complete plant food. . Supplementary natural food for shrimp containing lots of carotenoids. Plenty of alpha and beta carotene, lutein, lycopene and astaxanthin improves the coloration . In addition to carotenoids this has all the necessary vitamins, micro and macro elements, amino acids and minerals


Yellow 30 g $13.99: Complete plant/animal food. A balanced natural plant and animal food having a lot of protein and all the necessary vitamins, amino acids, and minerals needed by the shrimp.


Red 30g $13.99: Supplementary color enhancing food for red and orange colored shrimp. Neocaridina like cherry red, painted fire reds, bloody mary, orange sakura, and Tibees will benefit. Not recommended for high end Pure Red Line shrimp.


Orange 30g $13.99: Supplementary shrimp food that promotes safe moulting. Natural food designed to strengthen the shell of shrimps, visually enhance color, and minimize problems with moulting.


Brown 30g $13.99: Supplementary shrimp food supporting immune systems. Beta glucans and saponins to support the immune system. Antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral effects. Large quantities of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids


Baby Bio 30g: $13.99. Complete powdered food for young shrimp. 30 grams. Shrimp food with a complee set of amino acids, digestive enzymes, probiotic bacteria, increased amount of beta glucans to enhance immunity and chitosan to eliminate problems with moulting


Baby Shrimp 30g: $13.99 complete plant and animal powdered food for young shrimp. 30 Grams. A balanced plant and animal food containing proteins, essential vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, as well as compounds supporting immune system and eliminating problems with moulting.


Food supplement pellets:

Walnut Leaf Pellet 25 grams $7.99: Walnut leaf is rich in vitamins and tannins. Flavenoids, carotenoids, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus,and copper. Also a natural antibiotic.


Spinach Pellet 25g $7.99. Spinach is rich in minerals and trace elements such as iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, also has a large amount of fiber. Spinac contains luteins, beta carotene, and vitamins C, E, K, B1, B2, B6.


Moringa Pellet 25g $11.99: Moringa has almost all the vitamins , carotenoids, calcium, magnesium and many other micro and macro elements needed for shrimp.


Nettle Pellet: $7.99. 25 grams. Nettle has many micro and macro elements , vitamins and other minerals. It also has anitibacterial properties.


Hokkaido: $12.99 . 25 grams, Hokkaido is rich in valuable vitamins minerals and carotenoids. Not recommended for frequent feeding of bee shrimps with a lot of white due to the high content of carotenoids.


2 in 1 Papaya Leaf and Mulberry pellets. $11.99. 25 grams.

  1. Papaya leaves are concentrated sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein and chlorophyll.

  2. Mulberry Leaves contain a high amount of protein ( with essential amino acids). Fiber, and vitamins.



2 in 1 enzyme and amino pellet. $11.99, 15g.

1. Enzyme -bacteria ( green sticks ) digestive enzymes and probiotic bacteria.

2.Amino acids (brown sticks) are amino acids and vitamins.


Supplementary Powders

Energy(Werwa) $11.99. 25 grams. Werwa is a multipurpose supplementary shrimp food created to increase the vitality of all organisms living in the aquarium. It is a specially processed mix of biologically active enzymes, amino acids, chitosan, and beneficial bacteria. Werwa promotes the growth , moulting and coloration of young and adult shrimp. Supports the biological processes that occur in the aquarium and improves water quality. Werwa supports processes of decomposition of organic matter accumulating in the substrate.


Shield: $11.99. 15 grams. Stimulates the immune system. Shield provides beta glucans which strongly stimulate the immune system. Complemented by specific amino acids, vitamins, and rare trace elements like selenium.


Pure spirulina powder. $6.99 20 Grams.

Spirulina is a nutrient supplement for shrimps, its composition is at least 50% high in protein and 18 amino acids (8 exogenous) macro and micro elements, including a complex of vitamins and B vitamins. Spirulina also contains natural dyes and Alfa-Beta Carotene, and Fytocjanine and chlorophyll, which give spirulina specific green-blue color.

Spirulina HAS:

39 times more beta carotene than Carrots

23 times more iron than spinach,

4 times more protein than peat


Chlorella Powder $8.99. 20 Grams

Chlorella is a digestive supplement for shrimps, even for the smallest.Primarily acts as a cleansing, rich in calcium, iron and potassium carotenoids and also has a similar green and yellow plants or Beta-Carotene, Lutein and chlorophyll, in addition to small amounts of Zeaxanthin.

It also contains 19 amino acids and 20 different vitamins and minerals. It is the richest source of chlorophyll, it is 50 times more than alfalfa.


Extra White $10.99. 20 grams powder. Promotes the enhancement of white pigment in Bee shrimps. Carefully selected highly absorbable minerals.


Shrimp Nature Sea Algae $7.99. 20 Grams powder

Seaweed (Ascophyllum Nodosum)this wealth of nutrients such as minerals and trace elements,In addition, the brown algae is a source of amino acids and fatty acids Omega 3,fiber and vitamin C, B1, B2, B6, B12, E, K, and beta carotene


Shrimp Nature Pure Kale Powder $7.99. 10 grams

Kale is an excellent source of vitamins, calcium, magnesium and iron, also has beta-carotene and fiber, is rich in minerals and folic acid. Very good supplementary food for babies


Pure algae Nannochloropsis powder $11.99. 10 Grams.

Nannochloropsis for rare and sought after phytoplankton seaweed,which is prized for its properties. Nannochloropsis is packed with minerals, vitamins and wealth of protein and amino acids, can not ignore the considerable OMEGA-3 fatty quantities. It's amazing as a dietary supplement for the young and newborn shrimp


Shrimp Nature Red Max 10g $13.99. Powder that greatly improves red and orange, especially Neocaridina.


Shrimp Nature Nature Series:


Oak Leaves $6.99. APPROXIMATELY 20 pieces. Oak leaves contain tannins and have the ability to slightly lower ph. A great food for shrimp


Walnut Leaves. 6.99. APPROXIMATELY 15 pieces. Walnut leaves have a high capacity anti inflammatory , antibacterial, antiparasitic, and antifungal. They act as a natural antibiotic in the tank. Our leaves are young, and in addition to preventative action on the water, after soaking they provide food for the shrimps.


Mulberry Leaves: $6.99. APPROXIMATELY 10 pieces. Mulberry Leaves supply the water with tannins, flavonoids, and organic acids. In addition they are a rich sourceof protein and amino acids. They contain vitamins (A,B1, B2), and precious minerals ( magnesium,Sodium, Potassium, Zinc, Iron).


Guava Leaves $6.99. APPROXIMATELY 12 pieces. Guava leaves are known for their antibacterial properties. They serve as a natural antibacterial agent, also a great source of food for the shrimp.


Beech leaves $6.99 APPROXIMATELY 15 pieces.


Cattapa Bark , 5 pieces.

Ketapangu bark like the leaves provide the necessary tannins into the water and organic compounds. It has even stronger antibacterial and antifungal properties than the leaves. Also provides interesting scenery and a source of food for shrimps.


Alder Cones 30 gramsAlder cones have been widely known for aquaristic use due to their anti bacterial and anti-fungal properties. They also lower PH. They contain tannic acids, humic acids, and flavonoids. How to use: 2-3 pieces in 5 gallons of water directly to the tank


Bee Pollen $7.99 . 50 grams. Bee Pollen is a very valuable food supplement. It contains over 250 different organic compounds. A very good food for baby and adult shrimp.


Health Liquid $13.99 30ml Supplement improving vitality and immunity of shrimps. Antibacterial, anti fungal, antiparasitic. The extract of propolis, wild garlic, vitamins, minerals, and beneficial bacteria.

Usage: Spray directly into tank, 1 spray per 8 gallons once or twice a week. You can also spray directly onto food.


Minerals and Conditioners:

Bacteria: $10.99. 15 grams. A multipurpose bacteria culture containing tens of strains of bacteria and microorganisms. It is composed of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, nitrifying bacteria, probiotic, and many other strains of bacteria. Enters into the water beneficial bacteria lost due to changes in environment and water change. Breaks down food debris and organic matter. Purifies water decomposing ammonia and nitrates.


Fulvic and humic acid powder $7.99. 15 grams powder. Organic water conditioner having fulvic and humic acids, and trace elements. Stabilizes pH, water enriched with valuable elements of the natural environment of shrimp.

Shrimp Ball $8.99. Ball removes nitrate and gently mineralizes water - white , diameter 3.5cm


Mineral Stone $7.99: 1stone per approximately 10 gallons. Mineralizing stone supplying the water with needed calcium and magnesium. When using monitor the water for gh and tds levels.


Montmorillonite clay $9.99 30g. This high purity Montmorillonite clay is an irreplacable solution to solve problems with shrimp moulting. Provides water purification from heavy metals and other harmful substances. This clay provides the most essential minerals required for healthy shrimp. Container treats approx 800 gallons of water


GH+ liquid $11.99. GH - RO water conditioner for shrimps - liquid 200 ml. approx 20ml to 5 gallons will give you a GH of 5.


Humus 200 ml $14.99 Extract from cones of the alder tree and catappa leaves - liquid 200 ml Ketapangu leaf extract and alder cones, is proactive on algae, but also prevents the formation of bacterial infections and assists in removing them. To obtain 200 ml of the extract 100 alder cones and 5 leaves cattapa (ial) were used. Dosage: 6ml to 10 gallons of water When states can be infectious dose 2-3 times larger. 1 pressing the dispenser gives about 1.3 mL. Shake well before use.


Micro 200ml $12.99. Micro elements for water ro - liquid 200ml The product contains a number of important elements and micro nutrients to ensure the aquarium conditions similar to those prevailing in nature. It contains K, Mn, B, Fe, Co, Mo, Li, Cu, Ni, Al, Zn, I, F.


Shrimp Nature Tap conditioner $11.99 200 ml. Water conditioner specifically designed for your shrimp tank. For treatment of tap water before using it in an aquarium. This involves chlorine and heavy metals contained in tap water, improves the clarity of the water. It contains vitamin B complex and extract of Aloe Vera.


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