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Salty Shrimp gH/kH+ Experiment

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I was playing around today to find the right amount of SS gH/kH+ to add to RO water to achieve the water parameters I was looking for in my Neo tanks. I wanted to share my results here in case anyone else was in the same boat. 


I used 1 gallon containers filled with RO water. I then added the amount of SS gH/kH+, shook the container to dissolve the salts, and tested for gH, kH, and TDS. These were my results.


~1ml (first line on the scoop) into 1 gal RO water:

  • gH: 4
  • kH: 2
  • TDS: 104

This one was a little too low for me. I was shooting for a TDS of about 200 so I tried again...


~2ml (second line on the scoop) into 1 gal RO water. I figured double the salt = double the TDS. Well...

  • gH: 11
  • kH: 5
  • TDS: 263

That overshot it a bit. So i split the difference...


~1.5ml ( in between the first and second line...although probably a hair closer to the first based on the results) into 1 gal RO

  • gH: 7
  • kH: 3
  • TDS: 190

That's close enough for me and that's the ratio Ill be using for my water changes for my Neos. Its not all that scientific and I know a lot of people on here keep Caridina shrimp. As such, I'm sure they use gH+ instead of gH/kH+ so I don't know how useful this info will be, but hey...here it is. Hope it helps someone. 


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