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Pinto Question

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Are they just a specific pattern of TaiTiBee? Do mischlings need to be involved when building the groundwork genetics for them, Ive seen TiBee defined 2 ways - as mischling x tiger or TB x Tiger


If you don't need mischlings for TiBee can it go:

        Taiwan Bee x Tiger = TiBee - also fancy tiger?

  F1 TiBee x Taiwan Bee = TaiTiBee

  F2 onward - selective breeding with your better f1 stock to get the pattern you want?


Sorry for all the questions, there seems to be a lot of confusion on the internet


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There's a lot of confusion amongst breeders too. heh  What ones says, another says differently.


Here's what makes sense to me:


crystal x tiger var = TiB  (which actually stands for tiger bee)


crystal x TT = pseudo TiB (since TT is not technically a tiger)


TB x Tiger var = TaiTiB (Taiwan Tiger Bee)

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