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Water changes. Ideally I would use RO or distilled water. To cut it down, but mind your PH with distilled or RO. In this case if you replaced 2/3 of your water with distilled you would land at 120ish ppm. You also need to top off with RO or distilled other wise your putting more minerals into the water with each top off.

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Do you have any calibration solution to verify your tanks TDS. Would would need to just top off with a tap water of 136 to get to 423. I personally only top off my tanks with tap water with has a ppm of 150ish and after 6 months I'm only at 170ppm

have a gneiss day

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what substrate are you using?

DId you have rocks in the tank?

I dont think is from estimate index.

When i change water i have 80-90 ppm tds, and after a week before the water change i measure 150 tds...

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