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Plants growing sideways


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I've done my research but have to ask..

All of my Rotala species are growing sideways, intermingling with each other.

They are sort of newly planted..a few weeks in.

Has anyone had this happen or have a remedy?

(I don't have high light and they are planted fairly close together).

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It is not a bad look . Why not just let them grow as they see fit?


In my tanks some plants do not grow as they are expected and will grow side ways, etc but I have no problem with that and find it gives a natural look .


The stem which you have growing sideways will stop spreading like that and send down roots which will give you several new plants which will shoot upward.

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Yea agreed, not gonna pull them out or anything.. Just curious as to why this type of growth.

I've grown Rotalas before into very bushy upright growth and that's the type of vision I had for this scape.

Gonna let it play out though.. I have a feeling once I trim them down ,the new growth will be vertical.

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