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Shrimp Clearance


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I'm clearing some shrimp tanks so I will have some shrimps available for sale or trade. I'll be updating this thread as I want to clear more tanks. I'll be putting them into packages so I can hopefully sell them faster.

Package 5 - $60

2 SS/SSS CRS Females

12 SS/SSS CRS Juvies

Package 6 - $40


3 SS/SSS CRS Females (All berried)

Package 7 - $25

10 AS (or better) CRS Juvies

5 + 6 + 7 = $120

I'm open to trade for high end shrimps or a 5lb or 10lb CO2 tank as well. Let me know what you have.

Shipping is $15 for Priority and $40 for Express. No guarantee on the eggs of a berried female. Thanks ShrimpSpot!

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Wow! Must resist temptation.

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Well, you don't want to wait til they give birth in my tank! Honestly a great deal especially with the four berried females that will be giving you another 60+ shrimplets in maybe one or two weeks.

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