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Howellii willow moss


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this is because i am doing research on myself... i am a biologist/ have good conections with a PhD Briologist and i live in an area where there are many very nice things to be found.... soon we will talk fissidens ;).. i hope than wil the party start.... i really want to fulfil a project i am now waiting on for several years.. i think the time is ripe now...


thank you for your motivating comment.

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and shrimpspot is the site where i do present them for the first time in our hobby... ;)


the mosses are here.. in several cases i do know their location, it just takes time, research, resources (yeah.. they do lack) and much patience and attention...


i wish in one month now i come with at least the first fissidens. ( i know where they are aproximately.. it takes 2/3/4 days to get to them, they really are remote and it does imply wild animals (not the small ones :) ).


but hey, i am writing from transylvania (the very town where that novel starts)   :)  so it is really fun, sometimes stressy.


and telling you another story.... the mini weeping i have shown.. comes directly from a spring in the Borgo Pass.. the one in that same book...

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Reichenbach Falls i think it is fictional... a part of the german population doesnt live here anymore (even i am half german half szekely), but i have never heard of that name... but the borgo pass is called in romanian "pasul bargaului" or "pasul tihuta", and the place this moss is from is really not very far from that.

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