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New Project looking for help

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Not sure if i should post this in the Marketplace or not...so if it should please feel free to move it.


I recently bought some Super Tigers and i am looking to try a project mixing them with TBs.  I am thinking some Wine Reds or even going towards Super Red Crystals if i could find them.


Where i need help.  I am looking to buy 3-5 of the above said shrimp from a breeder or importer, but i'd really like to strike a deal and buy females only.  This is to be sure that they are bred directly from the Super Tigers and not from another TB.  They can be older, culls, whatever, just female for sure.  If we get some good shrimplets i am also more than willing to share with the seller if they would like some.


I know this may be asking alot and that's fine if it is...i am not trying to be a jerk here either by being demanding certain stipulations. It doesn't hurt to ask right?   Thanks for understanding :)


I am just really impressed with the diversity in the the super tigers (size, color and patterns) and i thought it would be way cool to try and mix them with some sweet looking lady tbs.


if you have any interest please pm me!



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Most breeders will give you a mix of males/females.  I asked the same question recently and got what I asked for, no problem. Larger importers will NOT do this for you, as they buy in bulk and ship frequently to customers and to spend time hunting in a tank for all females would cost them a lot of time. 


Buy your stock from some of the breeders on this forum or contact some on aquabid.com and ask if they would be prepared to ship you females if you up the price...it might help it might not...but ask anyway.


I am not one to sit on my hands If I want something I ASK for it, and if I don't get it right away I will continue to hunt for it until I do. ;)

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Its not really being a pain in the ass, just you want to be able to start a program and to do that you NEED both sexes.

When you order from suppliers, this usually ends up you get all males...in my experience.


If you are willing to go the little extra $$ depending on what type your after, then a breeder will usually accommodate

you, because they feel you are a dedicated hobbyists who's looking to continue what they've started.


When you buy from a reputable breeder, you can always go back and ask questions and be assured of getting an

answer.  I always find that's the case when I buy Bettas from Thailand. Over the last 10 years I have a repor with

several that I always buy from and can ask them what colors went into the background of the Betta I have purchased

so that I know what I can expect in the next generation.


Knowledge is the key, patience is the virtue ;)

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