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My first babies!!!! Is this normal?

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Hey guys, so I've made a lot of post about my water not being good, some shrimp dying here and there. I had a berries female that looked super plumped. Maybe about 2-3 weeks ago I think, now I couldn't find her and found another that had way less eggs. Not sure if she's the same one but just dropped the eggs. Anyways, I found babies on the glass, i dont know how old they are but they're there. And the one I thought was the original mother is carrying the 7-10 maybe. Is it possible for them to give birth to a few and hold onto others? Or is this a completely new berries female?

Original female I saw:


Babies 1:


And 2 that I found


Same mom or no?


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It's too hard to sell and honestly don't worry about it too much I have shrimp that I've never seen not berried the eggs hatch and the saddle drops right away and she's berried again. Sometimes shrimp will drop a whole clutch but one egg that will survive. You have red cherrys the parents don't really matter until you start to selective breed and even then you don't really need to know who the mother is just cull the babies that don't have the color your looking for. The babies look prity young if they survive for another few days or indefinitely then your shrimp have become more hardy and maybe your female hatched all the babies and only the hardy ones survived if your water parameters are not ideal.

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