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3 gallon with blue velvets


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I've got ~15-16 blue velvets in a 3 gallon marineland crescent with a deep blue hob.


Java moss on malaysian driftwood, myrio planted in the corner, but it melted and is slowly coming back, and some baby tears I believe they are but they're also growing slowly. Also planted a hygrophila angustifolia stem in the back.  Floaters are duckweed and small water lettuce.  I'm also hanging some hornwort that the shrimp love to crawl on.  As I write this intro I realize I don't have any overall pictures, probably because it doesn't look all that great at the moment but I have a couple of the shrimp eating.  They've blued up since the photos, and I've moved a couple of the plants that are in the background.


But anyways, thanks for having me. I lurked for a long while, saw Han posted a great RAOK, so I joined up and am just getting around to saying hello.  Got my blue velvets from sewoeno over on TPT (maybe she's here too), couple of the females have been saddled for a week or two, I guess I don't know how long it takes to go from saddled to berried if they were impregnanted but they're still fun to watch.


Oh, I also have two horned nerites. (I think)  They don't look like any horned nerite I have found online.  Very thin horns and no visual pattern to their shell, anyone with an ID?  I'll try to get a picture when I go home from work.





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Must have been because I posted, first berried mama this morning.  One of the eggs seemed to be hanging, any reason for that? She looks pretty full.  Also, how long until they're baby shrimp?


Attached is a picture of one of my nerites, any ID on it?  I can't find them in any other pictures online. Cell phone picture, I don't have a lens capable of taking good shots on my DSLR yet, I only just bought it this week.


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Well, update.  I haven't found a single post about them until someone posted about them today on pt.  The answer is hairy trumpet snail, Thiara Cancellata.  


I also can't find much else about them. I had been pulling the eggs off the glass assuming it was a nerite and the eggs wouldn't live but maybe I'll leave what I believe to be the eggs on the glass and see what happens.

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