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My DIY Fish tank, LED lights and Breading box


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The Light


I've made the carcases off MDF and painted with black aerosol paint. The light are strip LED lights mix of 5050 and 5630 LED strips, you can order them from China they very cheap. There are few red and blue strips - first reason for plants to grow quicker and second it will show more blue and red colour on fish and shrimps. You can use water resistant strips but they going to create a lot of heat and less bright and I've used non water proof just put some silicon on microchips and around bulbs. you can see on the picture there is a small wireless receiver and I have wireless controller to adjust the brightness.

I've made them way too powerful and in the beginning when I've used them on full power with CO2 my plants bubbling with oxygen like a mad and I had a pearling all the time, then I had a very bad algae problem and I had to do blackout fir few days and now I'm only using them on 40% to prevent algae growing.



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The breading box on top.

I have few killi fishes in the tank and they are real hunters, they swimming in the grass and look for small creatures like baby shrimps and there is no chance for baby shrimps to survive so I decided to make a permanent breading box, It's my home computer desk and the only space I have is at the top of the fish tank beneath the shelf where my printer is sitting.

1st I've made acrylic box, at one end I've made one hole and fixed the hose for incoming water at the other end I fixed two hoses for outcome water and place them into fish tank, I've bought the smallest 12v  water pump to pump the water into breading box, I also connected that pump via LED dimmer to adjust the power and control water flow, I didn't want to end up with strong current in that box. I also made a small spray bar from PVC tube just to make even distribution. So now water pumping into my breading box and draining into fish tank. I cut small pieces of LED strips into the shelf above.

Oh forgot to mention, I closed that two drain pipes with the sponge, it also create some area for bacteria to grow because of the water current (like sponge on the filter)


I put all my barried cherry shrimps in it, and it's nice small maternity hospital for them :D







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Thanks, I'm not from US but you can just tap on ebay 5050 led strip or 5630 strip lights, they come in 5 mitre roll and cost around £5 incl delivery here in UK. Make sure you buying a powerful transformer you need around 1A per mitre, for 5 mitre get 5a 12v dc transformer. Also buy a solder iron and some cable you need them to link pieces of strips together. They got sticky back but I used super glue it works better.

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They have some 5050 double row strips, usually 15' for $25. I like to use them in addition to an LED spotlight.

I really like the breeder box, everything looks good citycode!

What kind of killis are you keeping?

Thanks Dendrobatez,

I saw double row 5050 strips they looking good but they around 4 times more expensive then single row, I don't mind to stick 2 single strips close together to save a bit.

I think my killis are Nothobranchius and then another Latin word. They quite small and basic. I hatched them last year from the eggs - they annual and going to die around this summer. I don't think I'm going to do it again too much hassle with the fry and short life span and I'm starting like shrimps more then fishes now :)

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