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Keeping Rili with Regulars?

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I was just wondering. If you keep Rili with Regular (non Rili) will the shrimplets look like wild type or will they throw both regulars and rili. For instance Red Rili and Red Cherry.

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The ear spots I was referring to are the clear patches on the sides of the head.  Here's a good example from Google:





But to answer your question Chib, yepper.  They can hear.  Not sure how, but here's a scientific paper abstract for ya. :)



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I thought about this on the way to the post office, I was like kids are not in the car set volume to 45 as I get to 24 I'm like wait!!!!!! I got 64 little guys back there so I had to wait till I dropped them off and enjoyed my ride home.

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So you can house rilis and the common neocaridina and they won't throw wilds as long as you stick with the same colors? i.e red rili and red cherry? What do they produce then? 


but you can't, for instance, keep yellow neocaridina and red cherries together.


confused  :D

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