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IQ3 Dymax tank pump doesnt work so I rigged something up


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So I was at a fish Auction yesterday and picked up a small fancy tank for my show Betta.

IQ3 Dymax.  When I got home and cleaned everything up, I tried the pump and it didn't

work.  I was looking at how the tube from the pump fitted thru the hole with the attachment

for the spray head thing. 


It looked a lot like the tube on the Marina breeder box, so I got the spare one out and put it

down into the slot and pushed the nose thru the hole and Yeah it worked, so I fitted the little

end cap onto the tube to hold it in place, plugged it into my small air pump and now I have

a functioning tank.  The bottom part of the tube pulls the water up and back into the tank

where it gets sucked into the sponge area for filtration.


I am next going to pull that sponge out of there, and replace it with some Zeo-carb, and Floss

as well as the sponge to build up the biofilm and keep the ammonia levels down.


Until I can find a small enough pump to fit inside it will do for now.   Nice to have some things

handy that you can take from one place and put in another, isn't it?


Now I just need to find a plug to fit the LED light that comes with this tank...I got and extra LED

that works too, but the plug is missing.....any ideas on where to find such a thing?


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