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From high tds to low tds - harmful?

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Hi. Some of you may have read about my very first shrimp experience (didnt go well)

Now im adding some new cherrys to see if the problem is 100% fixed.

ive been having the shrimp acclimate using the slow drip technique (been goin for 45mins)

The tanks tds is 150 but the lfs water is at 460... obviously a huge gap.

Is this harmful to them to go from high to low?

I planned on adding them when the temps match (1degree off now) but the tds will still be way different.

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lol my shrimps are fine i bought from different people

15 for 15 blue carbon rili tds 500+

8 for 4 yellow tds 400+


my TDS 150


i dont really acclimate them i just dump them in...but you should.

To me= as long as temp is the same you should be fine but idk about you.

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I dripped em for 2hrs. They seem to be doing alright. I just didnt know if a huge change in tds would make them KO or not.

If it was a new tank with nothing but can have plants, you should have adjusted the GH to be the same and slowly lower the GH over weeks/months time.

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