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shrimp baby bumps

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Here is my 3 ladies in waiting, all cosy in the breeder box. 

1st one up is my OEBT

2nd is Royal Blue Tiger

last one is Crystal White Bee.  Unfortunately against the light her white disappears and you can't

see her stripes...the eggs are blue! Cool.


I have them in here because I have no idea who the Daddy is on any of them, so want to watch

for the babies arrival.


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My first shrimps were cherries, then tigers, then crs, then Sulawesi, then taiwans.  Now I am back into unusual ones, like the hybrids.  Once I got my hands on those Crystal white bees, I decided I wanted to cross on the tigers, so I don't know what will come out of these 3 mammas, as I have Crystal white males, OEBT males, Snow white males and Royal Blue tiger males all in that tank.


My ultimate goal is to create a blue/white tiger shrimp of some sort....maybe not attainable, but Im willing to give it a shot.


My OEBT is due next weekend, but Ive had them go over 30 days, so maybe you will have time yet to put your mamma in the box.

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