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DIY Almond leaves and alder cones extract


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Hi guys, I saw a lot of product like concentrate of almond leaves in the bottle and decided to make one myself. I put 10 xLarge almond leaves and about 50 alder cones in 1 gallon pan pore RO water and heat it to around 70C didn't want to boil it just not to overheat. Then covered  it and left for 24 hours.  After 24 hour I've got very strong tea and now I'm keeping it in the bottle and adding to the water to equalise ph when I do water change. I've made an experiment and add around 150ml of black tea to the 15G shrimp tank and ph dropped down from 6.9 to 6.6 so it works very well.

I've got two questions and wondering if you can give me an answers:

For how long do you think I can keep this extract in the bottles before it expires? I guess would be better  to keep it in the fridge.

I've noticed that when I add a big portion of the tee in the shrimp tank my shrimps start swimming like a nuts, kind of same as after big WC, do you think it's good or bad sign?


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Well, shoot, that was pretty fast.

I think we are better off just adding small amounts of tannin-producing material directly to the tank, or only making up as much as will be used in a week or so. Since my planted tank finally has shrimp, I am adding directly to the tank so they can be used as a food source.

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