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DIY shrimp or cray condo


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So I took a look at how much it would cost me to buy these clay shrimp condos for each of my

shrimp/cray tanks and decided to see if I could make one cheaper.


I bought a length of stiff aquarium tubing, :blink:  cut it into 4 inch sections with sharp scissors (it cuts very

easily) then I silicone each layer together until I had a pyramid of 3 layers.  I then wrapped moss

around the outside with fishing line and put it in my cray tank to see if they would use it.


Seems they like it a lot....I can lift it up and they are still inside, don't want to come out except

for dinner LOL.


Cheap as all heck to make.  Only thing was the shrimps were not as keen as the crays to go

inside but I think it was because it was slippery, so maybe sand it a bit inside and silicone some

gravel in there.

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you can also do the same with PVC / CPVC pipes. Quite common amongst crayfish hobbyists

see this setup by Ebi-Ken from a while back


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