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How long does it take for my newly hatched cherry shrimp to get bigger and start seeing colour?

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I have about 20+ new born baby cherrys!:) This is my first time breeding I have driftwood and moss balls in my breeding box and in my tank, there are 3 babies in the tank with all the other shrimp but I am scared for them lol but boy are they great hiders! And then I have 18 that I can count in the bottom of my breeding box which are hiding under the moss balls:)

How long does it take this lil guys to get colour and grow big enough to not get sucked up through my filter?

Have a shrimptastic day everyone:)

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For me, the shrimplets usually start showing a bit of color in about one week and a half to two weeks. I do feed them MK Breed Baby food 2-3 times a week though, depending on the numbers of shrimplets I have in each tank.

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