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Brown circle on side of blue pearl shrimp


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Any idea what it is? It looks like it's not just a shell coloration, It almost looks like something on the shell, but maybe I'm wrong.  Google-fu comes up with nothing similar.  I thought I had good eyes, but I really can't tell if it's raised or not.  If it's not it would be new coloring as I've watched these guys quite a bit and had never noticed it.


As an FYI, I only yesterday noticed detritus worms in the tank and


I also learned that I have freshwater limpets on the glass, I had previously thought they were snail eggs/babies.


Edit, I think it's uploaded now.

Edit 2: wording confusing, made my question more clear




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Hard to tell by the pictures, I would guess a copepod. Never seen any attach to my shrimp, I would keep your eye out, and if you could take a macro shot, that could expedite the mystery.

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In your original post you stated the brown spot swam away correct? Were you referring to the shrimp or the "suspect" that swam away?

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