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what non-neos can be kept in neo water params?

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I know a few tigers can (can't remember which exactly but I think oebt and maybe the tangerines and super tigers) but I thought there was a post about a hornet or princess ...something (yea sorry, that's all I remember) that was able to be kept in regular rcs water parameters.

Can anyone toss out any recommendations?


My water is ph 7.6


TDS 130

tap water with prime

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You may be able to keep Caridina Babaultis. I keep them with my yellow neos at around 7-7.4 ph. They can change their colours based on mood and diet. They come primarily in green, but can be yellow, orange, red, brown, and blue.


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Super Hornet does pretty well with Neo Parameter. I have a couple in a tank with snowball shrimps and they are very active.

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The ones I put in are thriving, consistently molting and grazing, but would be a better sign if there is a berried female but they're all still sub-adults. It's taking them a while to grow -__-

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