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The good and the bad - first random shrimp death :(

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I went in my room to checking on the tigers that were acclimating. I sat and looked in the dreams tank and then I saw it... my first unexplained death :(  I scooped the tiny dream blue out, took pics and zoomed in looking for anything that might explain it. Nothing. 


Quick test of the water:

ph 7.5

KH 7 / GH 7

TDS 135

temp 70

ammonia - -0-

nitrate -0-

nitrite -0-


I grabbed my magnifying glass and sought out the others in the tank. All seem well, I think one might even be saddled (that is the good).


I felt like someone punched me in the stomach though... ugh... horrible feeling


Luckily the tigers are doing great (as active as the snowballs) and my order from Han came a day early just to lift my spirits...


tiny death :(




could this be a saddle?






Oh happy day!!



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I know how you feel, a few weeks ago one of my blue pearls died randomly. I was freaked out too, but the rest are still fine so hopefully it was like the others said - not all make it.

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