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I got this weird one


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Someone can correct me if I am wrong - but you shouldn't be able to see any 'stuff' inside a shrimp's body. There are various posts about different methods people have tried. Here is a link to one I posted, with some pics of my yellows that ended up dying... in case it helps



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i also had to deal with a bacteria infection in my shrimp.  A very wise and well known member from a FB group I belong to gave me some very good advice.  first, remove any shrimp that are showing signs of infection, or are missing legs or antennae.  Then you should add some Indian almond leaves to your tank...the tannins have antibacterial properties.  Also dose with flourish excel following the directions on the bottle.  Do a 20% water change every week.  I did this and managed to save half of my colony.  Good luck with this. 

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Ok I posted this over 2 months ago . Don't you think he should be dead by now. He is still going strong

wow - can you get current pics? Maybe there is two types?? I'm too new to know the difference but if he is still kicking ....

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