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Shrimp "dying"

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So last night I just saw one of my BB just "drop dead" and laid on it's back. It tried moving around but barely moved so my instincts were that it's going to die. I put a in tank breeder box and watched the BB. A few other BB started circling around it getting ready to eat it. One was about to pick at it but I stopped it. I scooped it up with a shrimp net and placed it in the breeder box. 3 hours later it was still lying on it's back. I was pretty sure it's dead so I just went back to sleep. A few hours later again, it's on it's feet again and moving!


No clue what the hell it was doing but if you guys spot a "dead/dying" shrimp, I suggest you scoop it up and place it in a breeder box for a day or two and if it still doesn't move, then you can do whatever you wish. If it gets picked at, then chances are it's too late to save it.

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I found a baby blue bolt a little while ago laying at a funny angle head down on it's side. Thought for sure it was dead, a while later I look and it's on its feet grazing!

I hope you add them into a breeder box or something in the future because shrimps eat live shrimp as well if they can tell it's dying or not doing well.

Gives the dying shrimp a better chance of survival if placed somewhere that other shrimp can't reach.

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Fabio is correct. I have noticed this very seldom, but unless my shrimp has turned pink and I know it is dead I never take them out of the aquarium. Alot of times the shrimp will seem as if they have died, but they are having trouble molting. I have attempted to scoop them out before but as soon as I touch them with the net they start moving.


Give your water parameters a test, especially GH/KH/TDS.

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