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what exactly is a mischling - in little words please :-)

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So - I have quietly read... 'listened' ... googled and been amazed by shrimp called "mischling" but I finally have to raise my hand and admit.. I don't quite understand


I found charts like the one below. Sorry... it probably makes sense to most of you but... on the right part there is this blue-ish area that says 'mischling' - but it's between the two sections... sigh...


Does this mean that ANY shrimp that came from a line of TB x CBS is a mischling and the coloration of each type has just been given a certain name?


If that's true... or even partially true... why do the different 'colorations' need different water params if they are all technically mischlings? Or do they? 


Yea... I'm kinda... pretty much confused. lol   Please not hard core genetics lessons that will go over my head :)



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Anything TB X CRS/CBS is a mischling, you can get TB from this crossing too, but I think that's fairly rare.


I don't think they need different water, I think some people keep their TBs at a lower ph but pretty sure they'll be fine in whatever they're born in.

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Tbs need low ph my tbs gave birth at 7 ph before I got my ada tank and the babies did not make it They didn't survive their first molt. And ya and crs x tb is a michiling and michilings crossed together you get crs, cbs, michilings, and tbs.

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Lyana is exactly right. TB x CRS/CBS = Mischling. There is an opportunity that the Mischlings will produce TBs but it certainly is just a gamble.

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