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mbenjamin16's Selective Breeding Journal


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Hey all,


I am fairly new to shrimp keeping(less than a year). I have come across these cool looking shrimp that were in my carbon rili colony. I have now separated them into their own tank to begin selectively breeding them for the pattern. I'm not sure if anyone has worked with neo's that have tiger like stripes but I haven't seen any that are like the ones I have. They are blue with dark blue almost a navy blue stripe pattern. I have decided to keep this journal so others can see my progress. This is the first of many selective breeding projects i will have. I am also working with some BBRR's from Soothing Shrimp and will begin selectively breeding those but don't have much to go on with them at the moment because they are still juveniles and not of breeding age yet. 



Im not sure what to call these guys but for now i'm going with blue tiger stripe neos.





One of the male BBRR's




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I wish you success in this journey. It will take sometime to develop but hopefully they will throw nice patterns for you in the F2-F3 generations.

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Now, something to consider for yourself is what methods to selectively breed.


The bigger your gene pool, the hardier in general your shrimp down the line/harder it is to set a trait, HOWEVER the smaller your gene pool, the faster you can hone in on developing your var/may have to work on hardiness down the line.


No right or wrong answer. :)

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