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whats up with this shrimp? sick?


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had this low grade cherry since mid March that has bright colored guts or infection?


I cant remember if it was there when I first got it but it wasn't long til I noticed it.

he doesn't seem to be in any kind of distress and acts just like the other ones. im unfamiliar with shrimp for the most part
(trying to learn)...so whats up with it?




no flash


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That is a mature, Sub-adult to adult female Red Cherry Shrimp, that is her saddle my friend. Hopefully before to long you will have a berried female.

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Hmm well mine seem to be molting quite a bit more than that.

When they mate do they go belly to belly or spoon back to belly?

I walked by the tank yesterday (in a hurry) but noticed one on its back and another standing on top of it.

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well that mustve been it!

woke up this morning and shes holding eggs :D


so that's pretty cool.. not only is it my first berried shrimp after a long chain of failures and deaths but I actually witnessed the act aswell!


thanks for all your help guys.. shrimp are finally cooperating with me haha.


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