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7.5gal Planted Blue Velvet Shrimp Tank


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Hello everyone! I just discovered this forum today and love all the info that's in here. I just wanted to share my shrimp tank with you guys. I am in the process of makint another one. Just ordered the tank and light today. The specs on this tank are:

7.5 gal Radius Tank

Floramax Substrate

Fluval C2 filter with foam pre-filter

Finnex Planted plus clip light

Drift wood

Green crypts

Red crypts

Petite Anubias

S. Repens

Marimo ball

Dont know the water parameters but it is just treated tap water and nitrates are never above 10ppm. Please feel free to provide comments. Enjoy!


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Thanks for the compliments. The shrimp really enjoy it. They are very active and look like ants scurrying about. I started out with about 15 and have now exploded to close to 100 and counting. Very hard to count those suckers. Lol. With the new tank i ordered, I hopefully can improve their color. I am wanting a more intense blue. Hopefully i can accomplish that. I will post up pics of my other tank as I piece it together. I am very excited to get the other tank going.

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Welcome capt. dru! We are glad to have you, tank looks great! BV look happy and healthy.

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