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Vacationing in Japan Shop suggestions?


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Hi Shrimp Spot! 


I will be vacationing in Japan in less than a week and was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions on any shrimp shops or tropical fish shops in the Tokyo/Yokohama area. I'll prob only have time to visit one shop if I'm lucky and if I do have time I'd like it to count. =) 


Thanks in advanced all! 



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can I come with you! I LOVE Japan. Im sooo jealous. Im sure you can find many shrimp places over




Lowkeys not sure of their address.


here's a link to some sites that might have breeders listed




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You'd be hard pressed to find any shrimp stores in Tokyo, Yokohama area. Most are located in Osaka or nearer Osaka zones which is a few hours ride on the Shinkashen. The ticket itself is $200ish (it's basically an airplane ticket as Japan is huge and Tokyo to Osaka is like California to Texas.

However, there is a small offshoot Lowkeys office located in the outskirts of Tokyo that will serve your Shrimpy needs if you want the shrimping experience without the travel time. It'll still take 1.5-2hr to get to via trains and bus.

The owner is an amazing guy. He is very friendly and accommodating.

Visit my blogger for more info as I've written about the shop on my most recent Japan trip.


I love japan. I hope you have a wonderful experience!!

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