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Red wine and shadow pandas

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So I'm looking into starting a TB tank soon if everything keeps working out with my neos and I see so many different stuff online about them.

Could I have a tank with just red wines and shadow pandas? What would their babies be? And would this weaken the shrimp?

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So why do people use michlings then?


When KK price is high, mischling is the way to do massive production.


Because you only need few good male and rely on female to breed.

lots of male are useless.


for the better use of KK male, 


KK male x CRS/CBS female -> Mischling.


KK male x Mischling female -> Mischling + KK


You can use much cheaper mischling female to produce KK.


But now the KK price dropped a lot, it's not worth to do it.

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I was under the impression that mischling females held their clutches a little better and had a higher rate of success with their offspring - compared to a TB female.  Is this not so true?  It's one of the other reasons that I had seen stated for using mischling females, in addition to the cost benefits that James pointed out.  Maybe now, though, we are at the point where female TB and female mischling have the same success rates - or at least are within a negligible difference.  Thoughts? 

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I have 0 issues with TB females holding eggs. I think TB's have come a long way and are much hardier then they were. I have moved them from one tank to another with no acclimation and female with eggs drop into new tank swam right over and started eating and exploring like nothing happen.

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