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Smallest bio filter for breeder boxes and Betta bowls/tanks.

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Here is the perfect filter for Marina Breeder boxes.  I purchased one for my show Betta's tank

to filter the water for him as he's going to a show soon, then I realized it fits perfectly inside

the marina box with the tubing coming out of the hole in the lid.


I opened mine up and put in some zeolite media instead of the gravel it comes with.  Takes a

bit of effort to get it open but once you have you can add whatever media you want for your tank.


You can also customize the sponge...use an aquaclear 110 sponge and cut it to size or any sponge

media you wish to use. I like the 110 as it has nice big holes for bacteria to form in.  You now

have the best bio-filter for your baby shrimp breeder boxes.  The babies will eat the biofilm off

the sponge too.


I kept mine in my Betta's tank for 2 weeks, so should have enough on it now for the babies.


Price is soo cheap too.

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I have large hob marina breeder boxes on a couple tanks that I use for selective breeding and culling. I'm wondering why you need a separate filter. The stock air lift provides enough water flow to change over the water volume quickly. Other than having an additional place for biofilm to grow, is there any other reason to add these little filters to the box.

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