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Can I keep neos & caridina in same tank?


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I am learning about this too - so following.


For my own water and situation, tigers are the only cards that are suited to be in my tanks with my neos so that is all I will be putting in with them, if that.


Others may have done differently but that's been my choice/decision so far :)

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I have kept shrimp for about 12 weeks! It was a rough start at first, I had 6 in a tank with about 20 guppies and only 1 survived. I thought these were easy to keep ? I brought 3 more home 2 berried females and a male. They were in the tank with the guppies for about a month when I decided to move the 4 of them into a 20L by themselves. I had no clue about cycling, nothing.. I basically just took the water out of the guppy tank filled the 20L with it and away we went. Surprisingly they didnt die 2 of the rilis actually gave birth and were berried again.


So far so good, waited about 4 weeks took the water to the fish store and since the parameters were right I ordered 25 more. Only 12 of those survived 10 molted and berried almost immediately!! Took the water back to the fish store and everything was right on... (Died due to stress from shipping?)


I went out and bought 3 more tanks no clue what to put in them...Gosh these little shrimps are addicting!!!

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My tap water is toxic to my shrimp even if I does prime, this took me many months to figure out. All the parameters appear fine on tests but there is something else in it that the shrimp cant live with. Once I started using left over remineralized RO water from my TB's I noticed the deaths stopped.

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I have kept Crystal Red Shrimp (Caridina) and Fire Red Shrimp (Neocaridina) in the same tank for over a year. I ultimately setup the aquarium with active substrate and soft water for only caridina. But like most of us, we want to horde every type of shrimp we can get our hands on. When you have limited space for aquariums, the next best thing you can do is stock Caridina and Neos together if they allow for it.


Ultimately the most important process when keeping these two species together is acclimation. Don't be scared to let your Neos drip acclimate for 2-3 hours. This is what I do normally. I would be careful regarding your statement about floating the bag. This can cause two things, one if you don't turn your light off, you could stress the shrimp even more because of the proximity of the bag and shrimp to the light. Secondly, I am not 100% sure about this, but many people say not to float Kordon Breather Bags, as it makes the exchange of air difficult when in water.


Just my opinion and experience. Hope this helps.

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