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Scutariella Japonica

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Hey guys! I have no clue whether or not I'm posting this in the right place, but oh well. I'm new to this forum. Anyway..

I need some advice on how to get rid of scutariella japonica. Some of my new cherries have them on their rostrums. It would be too difficult to catch each affected shrimp to give them a salt bath, so I want to use something to simply treat the tank.

I've heard mixed opinions about using fenbendazole meds like panacur or safeguard (dewormer for dogs). What are your thoughts? Are those shrimp-safe or not? If so, are they safe even for shrimplets? Are they also fish, plant, and snail safe?? If you've had experience with this, please help me out here Any advice is appreciated!

Note: in this tank, I have red cherry shrimp, 4 otos, and a bunch of "pest" snails (bladder/ramshorn). For plants, I have Java moss, anacharis, and marimo moss balls.

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Did you just post on FaceBook, I just saw someone say the same thing? I have never had to deal with that issue but others with experience would be glad to help you out. And welcome to the forum!

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This forum does have a FB group as well. Its funny the person from facebook said they just got some shrimp, I think today and noticed scutariella on them. I think they were cherries I wonder if it was from the same source, did you buy these from a hobbyist or business?

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Hmm! I ordered mine from Imperial Tropicals this time. I've ordered from them before, but it was awhile ago, and there were no issues last time; there were certainly few things wrong this time, though, the scutariella japonica being one of those things (they did give me a partial refund when I let them know about the issues).

I also ordered shrimp from theshrimpfarm quite awhile ago and the shrimp they sent had scutariella japonica on them, too. I used aquarium salt to get rid of them that time, but I had less shrimp & a smaller tank.

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Hi there. I just searched for this thread as I have just recently dealt with this parasite. It does appear to go by the name Scutariella and I can tell you a super and practically instant cure for this issue is the aquarium-salt dip treatment.

I noticed some of my shrimp had this parasite on their heads almost like a little crown. I googled.. saw a mention of aquarium-salt being used to treat it but nothing conclusive was reported in terms of results.
I tried this method on an individual shrimp with a VERY salty solution and dipped him in for about 40 seconds. when i removed the shrimp, at least visually,  ALL the parasite was 100% gone.


Such an easy and instantaneous cure - I could not believe it.

Be careful when replacing the shrimp into the tank so that you don't enable the parasite to re-enter the tank too.


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