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I decided to restart on my 55 gal and do it the right way. Ive been all over this website trying to figure out what i need to start a taiwan bee tank but ive had little luck with this. Can anyone tell me exactly what i would need such as powders and minerals and things like that. What i have so far is...

40 pounds of contosoil

4 seeded sponge filters that ive had in my discus tank for the past month

I have all the mosses and plants i need

Led light fixture with blue moonlight

How long would you guys let the tank cycle even with already seeded sponge filters?

I would greatly apreciate it thank you

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Yea i was getting mischlings but i decided to not rush it. Eventually i will get them but im trying to avoid shrimp deaths. I remember when i started with discus years ago. I rushed and ended up killing a bunch of very expensive fish I dont want to make the same mistake Keiris

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SaltyShrimp GH+ and a TDS pen are critical

Adding GlasGarten Bacter AE to the substrate will speed up the cycle and dosing after you add shrimp will generate beneficial bacteria that the shrimp will love to munch on.

I'm a fan of over-filtration and like to add a hob or canister. There are lots of people that do sponge filters only but I always had more luck with extra filtration. Just make sure the intake is screened.

Also consider using Purigen. I use it in all my tanks.

You should be using IAL, alder cones and driftwood to lower the pH so the substrate doesn't have to buffer so much. It will last longer that way.

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But dont start with Puirgen.  It will slow down your cycling.  Add it when your cycling is done.    I know nothing about contrasoil so I can't help there. 


You could go to the journals section and read the first pages of someones journal who is starting a  tb tank.   There are usually alot of details about exact products and set up.

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