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white worm invader ID please. (video)


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So I was hawk eyeing my cherry shrimp 10gal today looking for babies. Upon my close inspection I started to notice several (relatively) long white worms swimming erratically through the water.

I have some detritis worms on the glass but I think these are different?


Worm is around the center of the screen. Thanks!

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Do you have a pic or video of the shorter, slower worms you're talking about?

I think I have the same and I'm not convinced they're not planaria yet. I don't see pointed arrow heads but I figure it might be because they're juvenile.

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Ill try to get a decent pic/vid of the ones on the glass..I use my phone and it doesnt always cooperate when trying to focus on glass.

n thanks! From my calculations they dropped about a week early. I hadnt seen the berried female for about 2days so I thought "maybe she isnt berried anymore" and took a gooooood long look in the tank..found 2babies. Then noticed the worms and it ruined my good time LOL

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