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Dealing with evaporation


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Hey guys seeking for some advice/help. I have a 3 gallon tank. No top cover so water evaporates quite a bit after a week or so. So my question is how do i go about topping it off/ filling it back up. Ive read about using ro water for top offs but in a 3 gallon would it be easier just to do a small water change then add the rest back with ro water thats been remineralized? I'm planning on adding a top cover to stop the evaporation lol


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When doing any top offs use RODI water not remineralized. As stated when water evaporates the dissolved solids stay behind.

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That looks nice, whats a lexan?lol but your diy lids cool man

Lexan is a type it plastic that you can purchase at most hardware stores. To cut it you will need a razor blade then snap it like you would glass along the score line.

have a gneiss day

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