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plant selection with new light


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Here's the plants I am thinking about, in no particular order.


Banana plant

Dwarf baby tears

Anubias nana

Micro sword

Cryptocoryne parva

Monosolenium tenerum


Ludwigia peruensis

Cardinal plant

Cryptocoryne wendtii

Cryptocoryne lutea

Java fern lace

Cryptocoryne undulata



Red flame

Bolbitis heudelotii

Cryptocoryne balansae

Giant red rotala/rotala macrandra

Echinodorus bleheri



Will keep editing with new ones.

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Off hand, no.

For a ready-to-go solution, I think beamsworks are lowest cost, but when I tried to sift thru all the models out there, I got quickly overwhelmed trying to figure it all out.

Stingray seems to be next, but is over $40.

Otherwise, DIY might be done for cheaper. Like landscape lights, but have to figure out how to wire and mount them.

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So here my options

Option 1

Light: Marineland led strip light $32.00

Hood/lid: $12.99

Sand: $3.76

Aquasoil: $16.99

Ferts: $6.99(I think or $5.99)

Option 2

Light: Finnex stingray $43.04

Everything else the same as op 1.

Which should I go for? I would need to save some more to get the sub for op 2 but I also need to anyway for plants before I replace sub.

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Heya AL10,

I have a stingray, it's a nice fixture. I haven't owned a marineland light but i definitely think it's worth the ten more bones you'd spend.

I've been shopping lights for a tenner, and have yet to find anything I consider a better deal than finnex stingray.

Just my 2 cents, good to see you back buddy.

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Ok cool, I am definitely going with a stingray, with how long less last I don't want to be stuck with a bad fixture for 5 years, also I eventually want to get anothe stingray and have 2 on their so the lighting will be better, tonight I am going to be listening to music and research and adding up everything I want to get, mainly the plants and fish, I think I want to get some peppered corydoras and some neon tetras or harlequin rasboras.

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