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Cuttlebone for shrimp


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Did you ever use cuttlebone for your shrimp. I read some article on the internet, cuttlebone can give more calcium for snail and shrimp, makes the color more bright and help to molt

I'm interested to use it

Is it will affect the water parameter too?

Sory for my bad english [emoji29]

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I'm seen those posts too. I tried a piece a long time ago but didn't every see them touch it. Not sure if it does anything to the water parameters but had no negative effect when I tried it.

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I didn't think to feed the shrimp with cuttlebone. Yesterday, I crushed the cuttlebone into powder . So it can dissolve quickly to water, give more calcium to the water, so the shrimp can absorb the calcium from the shell.

Do you think this is good or not?

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Sorry guys, i'm lack of water test kit lol. I just add 1/8tsp cuttlebone powder after 20%wc in my 70ltr tank. So let wait what happen with the shrimp [emoji16]

I do this to 4 shrimp tank, same size. Yellow, blue pearl, black choco, and red fire. Love the neocaridina. There has been no negative effect

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